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Finding Your Purpose

This month in my group hypnotherapy program, The Clarity Collective, our focus is on finding purpose in life. So today I’d like to go over some quick tips to help you find the right course to fulfill your own purpose. Humans tend to be very reactive to everything going on around them, and that always on the go mentality can cause time to fly by and distract us from what is truly important in our lives. Our reason for being is called our purpose, and for some of us it’s clear from a young age, but for many it seems elusive and far from within our reach to discover it. When you do know your purpose, it’s much easier to be proactive during your days versus reactive, as you have a goal in mind. But your purpose is more than just a goal, it’s a way of living life with intentionality, of finding meaning and fulfillment. 

So how does one find their purpose, or if you already know it, deepen that connection? The first way is through getting crystal clear about your values. Knowing what is important to you, and what you are for and against in this life, will help begin to shape what your purpose may be and what you can do to fulfill it. Set your goals based on those values, and also based on your passions. What brings you joy? How about a sense of satisfaction and contentment? What makes you feel like you are contributing to something greater than yourself? These are all excellent questions to ask when working toward finding purpose in your life. Next is looking at your strengths and talents, as well as your natural abilities. What areas are you gifted in and come easily to you? How can using and even building on those strengths help you to give back to others, perhaps by teaching them what you know, or in using them yourself to impact others in a positive way? The answers to these questions can give you wonderful insights into finding your purpose. 

Tapping into your inner wisdom is also key in finding and fulfilling your purpose in life. Take time on a regular basis to be still and reflect on your life. Introspection and listening intently to your intuition about what path to take in life will teach you to trust your gut instincts so that you can continuously course correct along the way. There will always be forks in the road, and knowing what way feels right will help guide you toward your destination. But that takes time and practice if you aren’t used to paying attention. So make a habit of incorporating silence into your day, time to just sit and be. Take some of that time to create a clear vision of your future self-that is who you want to become in the process of fulfilling your purpose. Put together as many details as possible, from what you will look and feel like, who you will surround yourself with, whom your life’s work will impact, your energy field, where you will live and work, and what others will say about you and how you affected their lives and your community. When you know the destination, you can more readily carve out the path to get there. And along the way, as you learn, grow, and acquire new skills and knowledge, you’ll be able to know instinctively which way is the right one for you. 

As I mentioned earlier, this is a subject that I work with in my group program, as well as one on one with clients, quite a bit. If you need support in finding or strengthening your purpose, making decisions about which path to take, or learning to tap into your own inner wisdom to guide you, please reach out to me by booking a free 30 minute Explore Call here. I will help you explore your options in finding your purpose, and help you find the support and sense of community to help you fulfill it. Right now in these volatile times, having that sense of purpose  can help you get through it all with more peace, joy and harmony in your life, knowing that it’s all worth it and that you can truly make a difference in your own life, and in the lives of others around you.